Local Leader For DT

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The recruitment of Conrad Bolston is turning out to be one of the hottest battles of the season. He has now decided on a leader, but is insistent that he remains open.
"My leader right now is Maryland," said the 6-foot-4, 265-pound defensive tackle prospect. "I'm leaving all my options open though. When I say Maryland is my leader or favorite, that just means that right now they stand out. They're really coming around and starting to play good in what could have been a rebuilding year."
Bolston and Washington (D.C.) St.John's College Prep are in the midst of a unique era in the Maryland/Virginia area. Many schools, including Bolston's, have closed or canceled sporting activities with the recent rash of sniper shootings in the area. Despite that, Bolston shouldn't be distrated from continuing a solid season.
"I'm playing well, but I see double teams like every play. I can't deny that it's frustrating, but I realize at the same time that it's freeing up other players to make plays. Our record is only 3-3 right now and I feel we should be doing better, but we're playing good teams and not making enough plays to win some of the games.
"I like Boston College along with Maryland," said Bolston, who runs the 40-yard dash in just under 4.9 seconds. "They have a solid program, good academics, and a tough defensive line. I'm going to take an official visit to Boston College but I'm not sure of the date right now. I also like Tennessee, Ohio State, Virginia and Penn State just to name a few."
Bolston said he can't wait to take official visits and see campuses intimately. After his visits he will make his decision.