Lloyd wants to take some visits

Ricky Lloyd has already picked up two offers and is excited about both programs but before he makes any kind of commitment the Concord, Calif., pro-style quarterback wants to take some visits.
Lloyd's offers are from Louisiana Tech and Southern Miss so he wants to see both schools to see if they are realistic options both athletically, academically and socially.
"I really want to go down there and check it out to see if I'd really like to be down there," Lloyd said. "It's very important for me to visit. Of course I want to stay close to home, my parents want me to stay close to home but it would be cool for me to go down and visit and see if I can go down there and play there for the next five years.
"I'm going to wait around a little bit longer just to see if I get any more offers or if anything else bubbles up."
Arizona, Fresno State, Ole Miss, Nevada, Oregon, San Diego State and many other programs are showing interest in Lloyd, who threw for 2,852 yards and 39 touchdowns in his junior season.
Louisiana Tech is an important offer for Lloyd because offensive coordinator Tony Franklin is recruiting him and he's been around some big-time programs. That means a lot to Lloyd, who worked out at the EA Sports Elite 11 Quarterback Camp and Palo Alto NIKE Camp last weekend.
"That's big for me, that's the offense I run at my school, that's the offense I've run for three years and it's the offense I know by heart," Lloyd said. "I'm not used to all this five-step stuff. I can do it but I'm comfortable with the three steps, the one step, that's my thing.
"That would be amazing to work with (Franklin). For him to come up with the offense and to work with him would be amazing. I'd learn all the secrets and all the stuff I'd want to know so that would be really cool."
Southern Miss has recently gotten more involved with an offer and Lloyd said he's still researching the program but has started to develop a good relationship with offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Blake Anderson.
"I didn't really know much about them at first but after I started talking to Blake Anderson we've talked a lot, we've called each other a lot and they've been getting to know me a lot so there is a strong influence with them too so far," Lloyd said.