Living room a busy place for Texas ATH

Waco, Texas athlete Robert Johnson has been busy the last couple of nights with college coaches spending quite a bit of time in his living room.
"Nebraska was just here," the 6-foot-3, 195-pound Johnson said. "Coach (Turner) Gill was here telling me about Nebraska and how I would be a good fit for them. He just left about three minutes ago. We had a real good talk about everything. He told me that nothing has been decided on who will be the offensive coordinator next year there. He did say it was a position he wouldn't mind having if it worked out, but at this point he really didn't know what would happen. I have set up my official visit with them for Dec. 20. There is a chance that could slide into January, but for now it is set for that day."
The addition of the Huskers to Johnson's visit calendar isn't the only change in the past couple of days.
"Coach (Bob) Elliott was here yesterday evening from Kansas State," Johnson, the No. 11 rated athlete said. "He came in and told me about their program and the school. I like the offense they run too. I set up my trip for K-State for Dec. 13."
That Dec. 13 date had been set aside for Arkansas.
"I have postponed the Arkansas trip," he said. "I'm looking at them for January now. That's as early as I could get there, really. Coach (David) Lee is going to come by our house next Monday to talk to me. I'll try to get a date lined up with them at that point."
Johnson doesn't anticipate making a quick decision.
"I'm going to take all of my visits and then make a deicision. I want to see all of my options."