Little setting summer plans

With over 40 offers in the bag, Rivals100 athlete Greg Little is now focusing in on summer visits. Where is the Durham (N.C.) Hillside prospect planning to go?
"I don't know all his plans, but I do know he's headed out of state for trips to Florida and Notre Dame I believe," Hillside head coach Ray Harrison said. "I think he may come back and check out some of the state schools too and then will begin to cut his list down."
Does Little have any favorites?

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"I don't think he really does," he said. "I know he wants to take advantage of the opportunity to visit these schools in order to get to know the coaches as a whole along with the players and program."
The four-star prospect still appears to be set on a decision.
"As far as I know he is probably going to do it in early October, most likely."
The all-area and all-conference prospect accounted for over 1,600 yards of offense and 30 touchdowns last year.
"Greg is a very hard worker that always has a chip on his shoulder," he said. "He is a very athletic prospect that is physical and wants to prove to everybody he is the best in the nation.
"As a person, I've known Greg for six year and he's like a son to me. He is a very respectful teenager that is focused and works hard."