Little has two camp stops in mind

Joshua Little's list of scholarship offers currently stands at five, but he certainly doesn't intend for it to end there. The Oklahoma City Millwood High School defensive end has plenty of proverbial irons in the fire.
His contact with college coaches is frequent and his plan to earn looks is a solid one. He'll travel. He'll attend camps and try to earn his way on the field. The method is tested. It's also one Little is excited about testing.
"I actually just got off the phone with the Kansas State coaches," Little said on Thursday night. "They were just telling me how excited they are to have me up at there camp and all that."
Little will attend K-State's on-campus in mid June, but that's not the only one on the schedule. The offers Little will attempt to earn in the coming month span conferences.
"I'm going to camp at K-State and at Louisville," Little said. "Those are the two I know for sure. The coaches there want me to come out, so I'm going out."
Despite not planning to rush to a verbal commitment, Little doesn't mind sharing his thoughts. He declines to name a formal favorite in the process and says his mind is subject to change as his recruitment evolves and more opportunities present themselves.
"There's no favorite or anything," Little said. "But if I had to pick one out of all the offers I have right now, it would probably be Purdue. It was my first offer, you know?"
Little is not yet prepared to name a specific timetable for a verbal commitment, as he feels there are more scholarship offers in his future. He does, however, have the rough draft of a plan in mind.
"It's going to be during the fall," he said. "I'm not sure when. Maybe after some visits. Just some time during the fall."