List growing for Tennessees top player

Tennessee's top player says the recruiting process
has become a bit of a "headache" in the last month, but he's been unable to
help his own cause.
"It's been tough on me," said Brentwood Academy's
Steven Jones, a four-star lineman and a member of the
Top 100 team. "I've just had a really tough time trying to
figure out where the best place is for me. Every time I talk to a coach or
go see a game, I really like what they have to say. I like the teams and the
school and everything.
"I probably need to go ahead and decide. I've been
asked for my Top 5 about 1,000 times already (laughs), and I never can
figure out who to say."
He did, however, indicate that there are some
schools rising in the process. South Carolina, N.C. State, Florida State and
Notre Dame are now among the "nine or 10" schools he's considering. They
join Florida, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Alabama
and Auburn.
"I've been paying a lot of attention to Notre Dame
lately," he said. "Be sure to put them in there. They've really been
Dropping off his list is Michigan, who has not
maintained regular contact in recent weeks.
Jones has visited Tennessee (twice) and Vanderbilt
for games this fall. He was scheduled to visit Alabama for the Crimson
Tide's game against Ole Miss, but arrangements fell through with his
"I'm definitely going to try to reschedule that
one," he said.
Jones is rated as one of the nation's top offensive
tackles, but he said recruiters are "50/50" on playing him as an offensive
lineman or defensive lineman. "Off the top of my head, I know Florida and
Florida State prefer offensive line," he said. "Tennessee is shooting for
defense right now, along with a couple of the others. I don't really have a
preference. I like them both."