Lipsey Not Tipping His Hand

Jordy Lipsey has proven himself to be one of the top offensive linemen in the nation, and he knew he had hit the pinnacle of his prep career when the defending national champion Miami Hurricanes rolled out the red carpet for him. Where does his recent visit to Miami leave the Cavs?
"I watched Miami on television last year and read so much about them," said Lipsey, who visited Miami last weekend on an official trip. "It's almost like they're an NFL team. For them to take me around the school on an official visit means a lot to me.
"It was a great, great trip. The football program is absolutely amazing, and they love football. People talk about Miami not being a good sports town, but all I saw was a ton of fans going crazy and players who loved to play. That impacts you."
Lipsey stands at 6-foot-4 and weighs 270 pounds and is quick for a lineman, running the 40-yard dash in just under 4.9 seconds. He also bench presses 350 pounds as the anchor of the Altamonte Springs (Fla.) Lake Brantley offensive line. How did his trip to Miami compare to his first official visit to Virginia?
"I think the Miami trip was similar to the Virginia trip in some ways. The coaches and attitudes are a little different, because at Virginia it's a little more laid back. They've got some awesome freshmen and have one of the top recruiting classes in the nation again early this year. Both trips were awesome and will definitely factor into my decision."
Lipsey has offers to just about every school he can imagine, and is rated the top center prospect in the entire nation by the Rivals network.
"I'd like to make my decision around October 13th or 14th, after my trip to Stanford," said Lipsey. "I love them for their academics and the school. Right now I feel like Miami, Virginia, and Stanford are definitely near the top of my list, and a couple of others could have a shot later on."