Linebacker now has seven offers

One of the nation’s most sought after linebacker recruits hails from the high desert, a couple of hours east of Los Angeles, California.
So far, Tremblay has received offers from California, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt and Colorado.
Garrett Tremblay, who is 6-feet-3 and 235 pounds, has been a mainstay at middle linebacker for the Palm Desert Aztecs defense for the past two years.
Both Garrett and his family seem wide open at the present time.
“Everyone is pretty open-minded," he said. "As long as I go to a good school and they are all good schools.”
“No, not really," he said about whether he had a current favorite school. "I have to visit them to see what they’re like. I know what Cal is like, because my brother plays there."
"I am taking unofficial visits this summer to all the schools that have offered me. I just want to check them out to see what they’re like and see what’s best for me.”
As Tremblay prepares for the end of the school year, the phone has been ringing off the hook.
“I get three or four calls a night," he said. "All the Pac 10 schools have called and others just from all over. Or they come visit the school. It seems like tons. It seems like every day they are there, visiting with the coaches or watching practice.”
The letters arrive in droves too.
“I guess over 40 schools have written me," Tremblay said. "I get like 15 letters every day.”
Among those who have written are Notre Dame, Wisconsin, LSU, Nebraska, Colorado and all the Pac-10 schools.
“Basically those that have offered,” he said about who was recruiting him the hardest. “All the schools are recruiting me for linebacker.”
Garrett, who benches 320 pounds and squats around 500 pounds, has been busy in weight training and kinematics since last season.
“Kinematics is speed training," he said. "One of my mom’s friends told us about it and I signed up.”
“I’ve put on 15 pounds since football last year. I was running in the mid 4.7’s (40-yard dash time). Now I’m down in the mid 4.6’s and that is just from the first four times there (at kinematics training).”
Garrett was timed in the 40-yard dash just a month ago at 4.64 seconds.
He is currently taking a break from kinematics training while he participates in spring ball and studies for his high school finals. He maintains a 3.3 grade point average and just took the SAT again for the second time on Jun. 1. His first SAT came in at a 1020 final score.
Who is the toughest player you faced last year?
“The guy who is our quarterback now, Joe Johnson," Tremblay said. "He played at Palm Springs last year, but just transferred to our school. He’s really quick. I mean, I’m faster than him, but he is really elusive.”
His junior year was not one of his better experiences, but he is looking forward to his senior season.
“Last year was a horrible season," he said. "We had three wins, one tie and seven losses. We had a bunch of show off seniors who didn’t want to listen. Next year we should be pretty good. We’ve always had a good defense but have been a little short on offense. Now we have three guys who will be good at quarterback.”