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Linebacker heading home a Husker

Kansas City (Mo.) Oak Park outside linebacker Michael Keenan is on his way home from camp at Nebraska, and according to his father and other sources in Lincoln it looks like he’ll be heading home a Husker.
“I’ve not heard from him officially since he left Lincoln just a little bit ago, but we were under the impression that he got offered a scholarship and that he committed,” his father said. “I know that he was hoping to get the offer. There are a ton of schools around here that are great, but you can’t beat the football tradition at Nebraska.”
Keenan is a 6-foot-2, 220-pound linebacker that earned all-state honors and all-conference honors as a junior. He recently impressed at the K-State and Kansas summer camps.
At the K-State camp, Keenan clocked a 40-yard dash time of 4.5 seconds. At the Kansas camp, he had a 37-inch vertical leap. Combine that with his 305-pound bench press and 500-pound squat and you have a very intriguing prospect.
This past season, he played mainly running back, but he said he knows that his future is likely on the defensive side of the ball.
“I’ve thought about where I project,” he said. “It’s probably going to be on defense. I love defense. In college most of them are talking to me about being some sort of linebacker. I think it’d be a great fit for me.”
Why does he love defense?
“It’s just good contact,” he said. “It’s also not so much that you have to remember every single play and having to remember what guy to block. You get to get out there make your own decisions, react and do what you can do best.”