Lindsay not concerned with coaching change

When Denver (Colo.) South running back Phillip Lindsay tore his ACL, Colorado stuck by his side. Now he thinks it's high time to return that favor. Colorado head coach Jon Embree was let go by the university on Sunday night, and Lindsay didn't flinch. This is his version of repayment.
His decision to stay committed to team without a head coach is all about faith. Both the faith the program showed in him and the faith he has no problem showing in it. To Lindsay, exploring other schools isn't an option.
"I'm still a CU Buff," Lindsay said on Sunday night. "They trusted in me. They trusted that I was going to be ok and I was going to come out of my injury. That meant a lot to me."

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And so it's settled. Has been for some time. Next season, Lindsay will line up in Colorado uniform. A coaching change won't change that. That's not to say that he doesn't have a take on the news, though.
It's one he doesn't mind voicing.
"I think it was kind of unfair because Coach Embree only had two years to turn the program around," he said. "But I can't really focus on that. I have to focus on the future."
The future he's concerned with is one that includes football. It's what keeps him going. The only thing on Lindsay's mind right now is the process of mending the injury that ended his senior season. As far as he's concerned, things at his Colorado will fall into place. At this point, it's all the same to him.
"No matter who the coach is, we're gonna play ball," he said. "I'm going there to play and I can't do that without the knee. Right now, I'm focused on the knee."
Lindsay hopes to be back at full strength well before the end of his senior year at Denver South. He's optimistic that he will be able to participate in track this spring.
"I'm walking, jogging, shuffling and backpedaling right now, " Lindsay said. "I'm doing a lot of stuff, but there's no rush. I have nine months."
And for all he cares, Colorado has just as long to make a hire. He's showing up to play football no matter what.