Levrone ecstatic about first offer

Offer No. 1 came in a couple months back for Olney (Md.) Good Counsel wide receiver Andre Levrone. The 2013 wideout was thrilled with the offer and broke it down. The 6-foot-1, 188-pounder looked ahead to the championship game this weekend too.
"Right now things are going pretty well, the season is winding down," he said. "It's championship week and after this I've got an invite to the Army Combine, I'll probably go down there."
How does Levrone feel about the year?

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"We went undefeated so far and hopefully we get this win in the championship against Gonzaga," he said. "I had a pretty good season. It put me on the map. I didn't get too spectacular of numbers, but I got noticed by some schools."
Not a lot is known about Levrone, but what sticks out about him?
"I think I'm pretty physical and I have a pretty balanced attack as a receiver," he said. "I'm physical off the line and pretty good after the catch at making moves.
"I'm working on getting bigger and faster. I'm 6-foot-1 right now, but my dad is 6-foot-6, 255-pounds, so hopefully I'll grow."
According to Levrone, Virginia pulled the trigger a couple months back, the only school to put an offer out to date.
"I got an offer from Virginia about two months ago or a month and a half ago. Coach Poindexter came by and he was really impressed by me," he said. "That is the only offer right now. I've been receiving mail from other schools and getting interest. Boston College and Pittsburgh are interested, but Virginia is the only offer."
What did he think of the scholarship?
"I was ecstatic," he said. "I really like the program and they've got a great academic school. I like Coach London as a coach and like what he's trying to do there. They are 7-3 and still competing for an ACC Championship right now, they are a pretty good program that is on the rise."
Levrone has yet to visit Virginia for a game, but confirmed plans to be at the Virginia-Virginia Tech game later this month.
As interest is picking up, Levrone noted a couple schools stick out.
"I really like Clemson and Oklahoma," he said. "I like any school that throws the ball.
"I really like Clemson as a program. They have really nice facilities and this year they took it to a whole new level on the national spotlight. The receivers they have now, they are becoming a school that could be known for wide receivers."
Does the wideout know what he's looking for?
"I want a school that is going to be a nice family atmosphere for me," he said. "I want to have a nice four years of my life there and be comfortable with who I am with. Of course, I want a successful team too. I want somewhere I can fit in nicely and academics are important to me. Anything can happen to a football career, I want to stay ahead academically and get a chance to be successful. I would like to be an architect or and architectural engineer."