Leslie postpones decision

Earlier in the week, we talked with Fresno (Calif.) Edison defensive back Brandon Leslie who was set to make his college choice this coming Monday. That decision has been put off for the time being and the talented safety said he now wants to take his visits before committing anywhere.
Leslie, 5-11, 195 pounds is one of the top safety prosepcts in the West this year. He narrowed his college choices to Nebraska and Georgia Tech some time ago and was ready to make his choice earlier this week.
"I'm ready to get this out of the way," Leslie told us Monday. "I feel good about my decision and I'm looking forward to putting this behind me so I can focus on my senior year and enjoy our upcoming season."
Fast forward a couple of days and now Leslie is singing a different tune.
"I'm starting to feel some pressure," Leslie said. "These are both great schools and I know I can't go wrong with either but I'm just not 100% sure on what I want to do. I'm still leaning to one of the schools but I think to be fair, I want to visit them first.
"I just have so much love for both schools and both staffs that I don't want to risk committing now, and then feeling like I made a mistake a week later. When I commit, I want it to be over and I don't want to have any regrets.
"Nebraska was my leader early on because I have so much family there but it's neck and neck now and I really think I would benefit by taking my visits. This is as big a decision as you can make and I want to make the right one. I look at this as a lifetime decision and until I feel 100% on it, I'm going to wait."