Lemon brothers make up tough duo

HOUSTON - When a brother duo like senior athlete Orie Lemon and junior running back Eli Lemon bring a one-two punch to opposing defenses there is plenty of reason to watch out for Yates High School during the 2005 season.
Coach Clarence McKinney, in his first year as head coach to the tradition-rich high school, is planning on letting the two brothers go loose on opposing defenses and for good reason. The 6-foot-2, 230-pound Orie Lemon is a senior who will probably play linebacker in college, but is ready to take on Lamar for a second straight year at quarterback.
Don't forget about his brother, Eli Lemon, who played as a sophomore at running back.

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"It's not that often you get too athletes in your program at the same time with their ability," McKinney said about the Lemons. "We're blessed to have them and hope they can do special things for us."
"One is a more powerful guy in Orie who doesn't shy from contact and Eli is a slashing back that makes people miss. They're real special young men."
The older Lemon has had quite the recruiting process with offers rolling in from Arkansas, LSU, Oklahoma State, USC, Texas, Houston, and many others. However, the mature player just wants to succeed on the field first.
"We need to push on through Lamar and have a big season," Lemon said. "I'm playing quarterback for the second year and even though most colleges are looking at me as an athlete, I can do the most for us at this position."
His recruiting is something that coach McKinney has been quite astounded by considering just how fast offers came. His coach explained that Lemon has taken everything into account and has not pushed him in any direction.
Lemon is starting to form a top group of schools that decorate his offer list.
"It's Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Houston, and USC that are on top right now," Lemon said. "Texas is also in there but I want to be able to move around the country and play maybe out of the state too. That's where I'm at with favorites, at least for now."
His brother, Eli, is a 5-foot-10 175-pound running back who has been watching his brother's success on the recruiting front for some time. He's ready to follow the trend.
With schools such as Texas and Oklahoma sending mail to both the brothers, Eli is considering putting his brother's pick in an early lead.
"Wherever he goes, I'm interested," Eli Lemon said. "If I find a school that I really want to go to that may change, but I'll probably follow my brother if it all works out. We've played together since I was 6 years old. It's not so much competition, just building each other up. We do our own thing, but we also do it better together."
The older brother thinks things could be equally if not even bigger for his younger brother when the recruiting process begins.
"Before he came on varsity last year, I told him what it was like to play," Orie Lemon said about his younger brother. "The guy never closes his eyes and always knows what's going on out there on the field. He should have a bigger year this year and hopefully that carries us far."