Lee set for first official visit

Indianapolis (Ind.) Lawrence Central linebacker Brandon Lee expects to make all five of his official visits over the next two months. Those visits start this weekend when he flies out to Cal.
"I leave this upcoming Saturday morning," Lee said. "I am pretty excited about it. No. 1, I'm excited about the school and what they have to offer, but I am also excited because I have never been to California, so it should be a pretty awesome trip."
Cal is one of five schools Lee named as finalists last month, but this being his first trip to the school he will be looking to get an all-encompassing view of the program.

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"I will be checking out the players and how they interact with the coaching staff," he said. "I also will be getting to know the coaching staff and how well we bond together. I'll be learning more about their academics as well."
The other four schools in Lee's top five are Louisville, Northwestern, Oregon and Virginia Tech. His next official visits after Cal was originally going to be to Virginia Tech the weekend of Sept. 20.
"I am actually changing that one right now," Lee said. "I won't be able to go on that date and now I'm thinking of going the weekend of their game against Duke, Oct. 26.
"That should be the latest official I take. I should be choosing sometime soon after that. I am graduating early and I shouldn't drag it out any longer than that. I've got to start getting things in order to get enrolled at the school I'm going to be going to."
With the trip to Virginia Tech expected to be the last he takes of the recruiting process, the rest of his official visits will be scheduled during the next two months.
"Northwestern, I spoke to them about the 21st [of September] when they play Maine," Lee said. "I know that's not an exciting game, but that's one of the only weekends that matches up with their schedule, my schedule and my brother's schedule.
"I am still trying to get one to Oregon. They have not gotten the schedule of their night games yet. I am also looking at Louisville. That would be an easy drive down, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it down or not."
Although Lee has a top five set, he is still keeping the door slightly ajar for another school. Penn State came through with an offer after Lee named his top five, and the Nittany Lions have an outside chance to get an official visit.
"I am going to give Penn State a look as well," he said. "I'm not sure if I am going on an official - I haven't made my mind up yet on that - but I am going to give them an opportunity like I gave the other schools."