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Lee returns from LSU

One of the top teams on the list for Brenham, Texas quarterback Jarrett Lee has been LSU. Recently, the 6-foot-2, 192-pounder took a trip to visit the campus and came back talking up another great visit.
Along with the Tigers, Nebraska and Arizona make up his current list of favorites. Lee says that he's not ready to make a decision just yet, but the next trip definitely has put things in perspective and gives him a lot to think about.
"It was great, it was a really good visit," Lee said about the LSU trip. "I was amazed by everything. I mean, it was another one of those good visits to see what wasa all out there. I was amazed at what they had facility-wise, with their academics, and you can really see why they're at the top every year."
His top three has remained the same and Lee says he can't say if one is above the other two at this point.
"I'd really say they're all even to me right now," Lee said. "Nobody is one or two. Now it's not final either. There are still people that could jump in. I really don't know how that will all work out."
Alabama has been another school that seemed close to offering. Brenham coach Glen West told Lee today that things are looking good there.
"He talked with a coach from Alabama today," Lee said. "He just told me that he thought they were probably going to offer."
Lee says that he'd like to make a decision around the same time he's always been thinking about.
"I guess it's about the same time," he said. "I want to do it before football. As for when this summer, I'm not sure about that."
Lee has mentioned previously that he'd like to camp at LSU, Arizona, and Nebraska this summer before making his pick.