Lee ready to make another cut

Indianapolis (Ind.) Lawrence Central linebacker Brandon Lee trimmed his list to a final nine teams last month. Now, the three-star prospect is preparing to pare his finalists again.
"I plan on shortening my list to four, possibly five now, and I plan to do that this weekend," Lee reported.
The nine schools that made Lee's cut back in June were Cal, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Missouri, Northwestern, Oregon and Virginia Tech.

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It appears if there is a fifth team added to the list of finalists, it would be the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
"Today Nebraska got in contact with me and said I am a guy they are thinking about offering," Lee said. "I know they are kind of late, but I still like to give every school a fair opportunity to analyze what they have to offer."
Lee said he was recruited pretty heavily by Nebraska during his sophomore year and into the first half of his junior year, but that contact ceased until he spoke with Cornhusker's assistant coach Rick Kaczenski on Tuesday.
Once Lee reports his list of four finalists this weekend, he plans to then look at scheduling official visits in an effort to make a college selection in the fall.
"We don't have our first game until the third week of school, so I plan on taking two official visits before the season starts," Lee said. "Then, I might take a third one right between our first couple games. After that I will try to make my decision about mid-way through the regular season."
The school year starts at Lawrence Central High School on Aug. 7, so official visits could begin for Lee as soon as the weekend of Aug. 9. Lee has had initial talks with several schools about potentially scheduling official visits, but no dates have been officially set as of this week.
"The top four, I'll try to get out to those [schools] on officials most likely," Lee said. "Some of these schools I have already been to, and the others I have not been to. I'll have to take my officials out to those schools, meet the whole staff, just get a feel for the school and check out the place academically."
The four finalists - and by extension his four official visits destinations - will be revealed by Lee on Saturday.