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LB Williams visits the SEC

Leesburg (Va.) Loudoun County linebacker Chase Williams just returned from a big visit to one SEC school. The 6-foot-3, 235-pounder didn't come away with a scholarship, but feels good about the trip as more interest comes in.
"I was personally invited to go to a spring practice at LSU last weekend," he said. "I got there and they gave me a personal tour around the campus and their athletic facilities.
"Not only did I like the football facilities, I was extremely impressed with the campus, dorms and academic center."
LSU will likely monitor Williams further.
"They did not offer, but specifically said that I should expect to be heavily recruited by them," he said. "They sorted of hinted towards the fact I shouldn't be surprised if they did offer. I had a great time there and they have quickly jumped into my top two or three schools."
Meanwhile, another big school, Miami will be receiving a visit from the talented prospect in the near future.
"I also am going on a three day trip to the University of Miami in a couple weeks. They are recruiting me as an athlete because they believe I could play a few positions for them. Their interest has gone up significantly for me recently too."
So far, Williams holds offers from West Virginia, New Mexico State and SMU.
He also pulled in his first Ivy League acceptance recently.
"Academics are important to me and I have been talking to Princeton," he said. "They have told me they feel due to how well I perform in the classroom and on the field that I'd be a great fit there. They have essentially accepted me to their school. I'm very proud to be considered an Ivy League caliber student."