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LB Talks About Michigan, OSU, and More

"Ohio State and Michigan have called," linebacker Jim Davenport said. "And Miami called a couple of weeks ago."
"I use to want to go to Miami," Davenport continued. "But seeing Ohio State's program, I like them. And I'm looking at Pitt."
"I was going to go to the Ohio State-San Diego State game, but it was canceled," he said. "Being around Ohio State's program, it's grown on me. And I like coach Tressel. He's a people person."
"At Michigan, I like how they have everything set up," Davenport said. "Everything is set up by computer, the academics, the weight program, everything."
Davenport, who is 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, has played in four of Lima (Ohio) Senior's five games. He has 23 tackles including six sacks.