LB Hale discusses leaders

Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway linebacker Shayne Hale was recently named as of the top 27 players in the nation by Rivals.com. He's also narrowed down his list a bit. Hale talked about a few of the teams he's considering.
"I didn't have a chance to check out my ranking or anything so hearing that I'm a five star and No. 12 in the nation is great," said the 6-foot-4, 225-pounder. "It's an honor."
Hale has narrowed down his list to 11 schools. In alphabetical order they are Alabama, Florida, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Pitt, Rutgers, Virginia and West Virginia. Hale spoke briefly about each school...

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Alabama -- I went there for a basketball game but I wasn't really able to see much about football. But I heard they have great fans and I saw that coach Saban came by the school.
Florida -- I like the coaches a lot, they're the national champs and the weather there is warm. I'm planning on taking an official visit there during or after my season.
Miami -- They have a great tradition down there and they produce top linebackers.
Michigan -- I like the coaches so far and I know a few guys have gone there from the Pittsburgh area. I went there for a practice and liked it.
Notre Dame -- I went to a game when they played Penn State and they have a great tradition and good fans.
Ohio State -- The coaches are very cool and they produce linebackers. I'm taking an unofficial visit there this summer because I can drive that one.
Oregon -- They're recruiting me really hard and I'm interested in finding out more.
Pitt -- I've been there because they're so close and they're in the mix. I'm leaning towards leaving the state, I think I want to do my own thing outside, but they are still in the mix.
Rutgers -- They had a really good season last year and they are recruiting me hard.
Virginia -- I went down there for a couple of parties and it was cool. I liked it even though I need to learn more about the football.
West Virginia -- They're close to home and they will compete for a national title every year.
While Hale's list is lengthy, there are four teams that stand out amongst the rest right now.
"I'd say Ohio State, Michigan and Florida are on top with Notre Dame in there as well," he said. "I'll narrow it down some more this summer and come up with an official visit schedule. I want to take officials to the places that are far away."
Hale's coach at Gateway is Terry Smith, who has produced many top players from Gateway led by Justin King a few years ago. Hale had 105 tackles as a junior.