LB confused about UGA, Clemson

Hanahan, S.C., outside linebacker Marcus Howard is back from his official visit to UGA. And now he says he’s back with a new leader.
“Coach Richt was basically my host,” Howard, who is 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds, said. “I spent a ton of time with him and he’s such a great guy. It’s kind of fun to be recruited by the head coach personally. I'd probably UGA on top for now.”
Howard, a three-star linebacker, said he’s got a problem now. Even though he said he likes UGA, he's still torn.

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“My problem is that I don’t know who or how I’m going to pick,” he said. “One hand you have Clemson that’s my home state school, and then there is Georgia. I could go play for a national championship there.”
Either way, Howard said a decision could come tomorrow or it could come all the way until signing day.
“That’s how confused I am,” he said.