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LB Brooks Wide Open

Woodbridge (Va.) C.D. Hylton linebacker Ahmad Brooks found out that defensive tackle Kwakou Robinson committed to Virginia on Thursday. So did it change anything?
"Nope," said the 6-foot-3, 230-pounder. "It's great he committed to Virginia and it helps that they're getting good players, but I have to do what's good for me."
Does that mean his apparent pact with Robinson, made on Kwakou's official visit to UVA, is null and void?
"It wasn't really a pact, it was more of a spur of the moment thing," he said. "We were all excited on the visit and I just said that if he jumped, I'd jump too. It's been over a month since then and I need to take my visits."
Brooks will go to Florida State on Jan. 11, Virginia on Jan. 18 and Tennessee on Jan. 25. He's already been to Virginia Tech. In fact, some new rumors have Brooks saying that VTech was the place he'd like to play while on his visit.
"Nah, I never said that," he laughed. "Tech was awesome. I really liked it there. It's going to come down to where I can play as a freshman and academics. Those are two of the most important factors for me."