Latu plans to do more research

Will Latu is originally from Tampa, Fla., so he isn't too familiar with West Coast teams but since many are offering him the Santa Clarita (Calif.) College of the Canyons offensive tackle is starting to do more research.
So far, Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Oregon State, New Mexico and Arkansas State have offered Latu, a 6-foot-5, 315-pound prospect who attended the Beavers' spring game this past weekend.
"Arizona was the first one to contact me but Oregon State has been calling me on the regular," Latu said. "Arizona recently called and offered me.

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"I don't really have any impressions of any of the schools yet. Since I'm an East Coast guy I don't know too much yet about the Pac-10."
No other programs have contacted Latu, who said he's mainly only hearing from the schools that have offered. Boise State is another new one on his list and he said talking with one of their assistant coaches piqued his interest as well.
"I'm still kind of feeling them out," Latu said. "One of their recruiters came down to see me work out and we got to catch up about the university. It was OK. I liked it. The schools that have offered are the only schools that are contacting me."
Since Latu grew up following other programs, he doesn't know too much about really any of the schools that have offered yet. Because of that, Latu said he wants to take his time and do lots of studying up before making any kind of decision.
That means he's going to patiently go through the recruiting process and make his commitment when he feels ready. It should not be soon.
"I'm not looking to commit anyplace at the moment," Latu said. "I'm waiting to see how my season goes and then I'll make my decision."