Latest on OL Kevin Bemoll

A week ago, we talked with Mission Viejo (Calif.) head coach Bob Johnson who said his star offensive lineman Kevin Bemoll, 6-5, 295 pounds was close to being offered by USC and it would likely happen shortly after the Trojan lineman camp this past weekend. Here's the latest.
"At this point, it doesn't look like they're going to offer," Johnson said. "They told me they like him but they're being very selective right now in who they're offering and just have other players rated higher on their board. I'm a little surprised only because they're the first school that has seen him and has decided not to offer him.
"Everyone else who has seen him has offered. LSU, Notre Dame, all the Florida schools. He's a great player, bigger, faster and stronger than Drew (Radovich) was for us but to be honest, I think if USC were to offer, I get the feeling Kevin wants to leave the area. He told me he really likes it in Florida and has family back there. I'm not even sure which of the Florida schools he likes the most, I think UF but that's where he's leaning right now."

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Bemoll earned all-state Underclass honors last season and is a pre-season Hot 100 selection. Academically he's solid and is carrying a 3.5 GPA.