Larue happy with first offer

A coach from Boise State had stopped by Santa Monica, Calif., recently to recruit three-star defensive end Chad Wheeler and to take a look at other prospects. That's when 2013 wide receiver Sebastian Larue first got noticed and soon things were about to change for him.
Larue, a 5-foot-11, 185-pound prospect, impressed the Boise State coaches enough to land his first offer which came as a surprise since the rising junior said he hasn't been talking to many colleges at all.
"My coach does a great job getting us opportunities to go to college and their recruiter stopped by because we have some other players coming out this year," Larue said.
"He gave those two guys a look and he took interest in me and that's how we got to where we are today. I haven't been really hearing from any other schools. Boise is the first one to really show some interest."
With Wheeler at his high school, Larue said he's going to take as many opportunities as possible to show other college recruiters what he can do. Arizona State landed Wheeler's commitment in early August and some other Pac-12 schools were recruiting him as well.
If more programs come to recruit Wheeler this fall, Larue said he's going to try to show them his skills on the field. It could help him land more offers like how it happened with Boise State.
"I'm just taking advantage of my opportunities," Larue said. "It's great to have (Wheeler) there and he's an excellent guy to be around. He brings a lot of attention so if you do well teams are going to notice you just like it happened with Boise.
"I don't really have a dream school at this point. It's very early. I'm just starting my junior year so it's still really early in my recruitment."