LaQuinta OL getting notice

Linebacker Jim Jianoni of La Quinta, Calif., won’t be the only reason D-I schools will trek out to the desert. Jianoni’s La Quinta teammate Fernando Chacon is also drawing attention.
Chacon is 6-foot-3 offensive lineman who weighs 320 pounds and runs the 40-yard dash in 5.2 seconds. He is also no stranger to the weight room with 390-pound bench and his 500-pound squat.
Chacon is a raw prospect with potential galore. He has all ingredients to be an outstanding prospect. “Fernando needs to take off 30-pounds and put it back on correctly,” La Quinta head coach Dan Armstrong said. “He is strong and very quick for his size.”
The scouting report on Chacon is he’s an outstanding drive blocker who was instrumental for providing holes for prep All-America running back Fredric Collins who rushed for 2,500 yards. Chacon is also a great down blocker.
Chacon is getting early recruiting action from Boston College, Oregon State, San Diego State, Utah and Utah State...