LaPorte may play down south

Piscataway, N.J. athlete Kyle LaPorte is one of the region's top athletes from the Class of 2013 but he's thinking about leaving the area for college.
LaPorte, a 5-foot-10, 175-pound versatile athlete, isn't making any set plans yet but he's entertaining the idea of moving south for college.
He has already visited Florida and Miami and he rated both visits highly. The NCAA issues at Miami aren't causing him to think twice about the Canes.
"I've followed it but it doesn't really have any affect on me," LaPorte said. "They still have a good team from my perspective. It doesn't affect me.
"I would like to get away but at the end of the day I would also like to be close to my family. I have thought about playing down south, though."
LaPorte hasn't visited any schools since he went to Florida and Miami earlier in the summer.
He will be at Penn State for their game against Purdue later this fall.
"I really like them," he said of the Lions. "I like the campus and I like the coaching staff. It's really close to home. It's a nice place to be. They've got a great environment."
LaPorte also mentioned that he would like to check out West Virginia and Michigan State at some point.
Since the contact period opened up at the beginning of the month LaPorte said he has heard from Vanderbilt, Miami, Maryland, Michigan State, Penn State, Rutgers, Pitt, Wisconsin, Oregon, Florida and Alabama.
So far Penn State is the only school that has offered LaPorte.