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Langley ready to star for Vols

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Tennessee commitment Donald Langley was selected to play in the Offense-Defense Bowl. He has made it down to the Sunshine State and is feeling good after his first day of practices.
"The tickets, the flight, and all that went smooth," Langley, a four-star defensive tackle from Germantown (Md.) Seneca Valley, said.
Langley enjoyed his first day at the Fort Lauderdale Marriot North.
"After I checked in I got to meet some of the players," Langley said. "I got my All-American tags, I got to eat, and it was cool I came here alone. I didn't know anyone other than Darris Sawtelle (Tennessee commitment), so it was great to meet some of the other guys."
Once he got to know some of the others, the real Langley came out.
"When you first get here, everyone wants to act all tough and everything, but after meeting the guys, you just get comfortable," Langley said. "Meeting the other players has been great. I can just be myself now and have fun."
This future Vol has hit it off with a number of his teammates already.
"I have really bonded with Kerry Murphy from Hoover, Ala., and all the South Carolina boys. All we do is talk trash about the Tennessee-South Carolina rivalry. I also like Cameron Newton, the quarterback that is going to Florida, too. He talks trash a lot, and I like that. I knew Joe Haden (Florida commitment) for a while too because we are both from Maryland, so we have hung out too. It has been great meeting these guys."
Langley feels very good about his first day of practice.
"It went exactly how I though it would," he said. "I completely dominated. I showed them what I was all about during the one-on-one drills. I told them I was going to come over here and show them that speed kills and that is what I did. My whole mission here was to come and dominate. That is what I am doing right now. That coaches know me by first name now, so that tells you that they know who I am. I have been showing the offensive linemen why I am one of the top players in the country."
This future Volunteer feels honored by being selected to play in this game.
"It is just a big honor to be named as one of the top 80 players in the country," Langley said.
"To go further than that, I am one of the four defensive tackles that they picked to play in this game, so that is even better. You guys picked me as an All-American, so I am going to show you all why you chose me. It was a great honor."
What are those Tennessee fans getting in Langley?
"Tennessee is going to get an All-American," he said. "I am going to go in there early, play early, and become an All-American. I am not cocky, but I am confident and I am going to be a freshman All-American next year. You can quote me on that."