Langley enjoys visit to Michigan State

Three-star defensive tackle Donald Langley took his second of three straight official visits this weekend heading up to Michigan State. The 6-foot-2, 267-pounder enjoyed the trip, but was it enough to top his visit last week to Tennessee.
"It was a good visit," he said. "The main thing that stuck out to me was the players, facilities and strength and conditioning coach. I really liked all of them and the game was really good too, it's just too bad that they lost.
"I got up there around three on Friday and was able to watch how they prepared for the game. I also saw what kind of plays they'd run and talk with the defensive line coach. At night, I hung out with the players including my host Jehuu Caulcrick. He's pretty well-known around campus and is a heck of a guy. He told me how the coaches care for you and are focused on helping you get a degree."
The No. 32 defensive tackle in the country was able to talk to quite a few coaches too.
"I spent a lot of time with my recruiter Ben Sirmans," he said. "I also talked with the defensive line coach, Derrick Jackson and John L. Smith. Coach Jackson broke down the defensive philosophies for me and I was impressed with what the defensive line did because obviously it was working since they made Notre Dame one dimensional.
"I also got a good amount of time with coach Smith before I left. He sat down with me in his office and basically said that he wants me to be a Spartan."
Of course, the visit wouldn't have been complete without taking in the game.
"I liked the atmosphere a lot and the fans were screaming," he said. "It was a great atmosphere to be in and people in there loved the game.
"Overall I really liked the visit and would probably rate my trip an eight. I liked the facilities and the strength coach, but I wasn't too comfortable with the other coaches. I wish I would have gotten to know them better."
How did the visit to East Lansing compare to Knoxville last week?
"I would say Michigan State is still in the hunt for my services, but Tennessee still has the edge," he said. "I'd say they are slightly leading because of the hospitality there. I felt like I gel better with the coaches."
This week, Langley heads to the Lone Star State to check out Texas A&M.
"I want to see what they have to offer," he said. "I want to see something I haven't seen in the last two visits, something that will make them stick out over everybody else."