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Landstown duo setting officials

Virginia Beach (Va.) Landstown wide receiver Percy Harvin, the No. 1 player in the country, took an unofficial visit to Florida this past Thursday with his teammate Damon McDaniel. Now Harvin has set two official visits -- while McDaniel has set one -- and there is one school that the duo would consider attending together.
"Percy has an official set with Florida now for the weekend they play Tennessee (Sept. 16)," said Landstown head coach Chris Beatty. "Both he and Damon are going to go on an official that weekend. Percy has also set an official visit with Southern Cal for the weekend of Oct. 28, I'm not sure who they play then."
The Trojans play Washington State that weekend. Harvin has quickly grown tired of the recruiting process, but still had a great time at Florida with his teammate.
"Both were very impressed," said Beatty. "They met with wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales and with head coach Urban Meyer. The offense they run at Florida is similar to ours, although we don't do the shovel option the way they do. They pass the ball a lot and both guys thought they'd fit in there. I don't think they'll attend the same school, but if they were to, it would be at Florida."
Clearly the Gators and Trojans are finalists for Harvin and now it looks like he won't take all five official visits.
"He wants to commit earlier than February," said Beatty. "Probably after our season is over. I know he still likes Miami and Florida State and wants to see those two schools so they will probably get official visits as well. I'm not sure though."
As for McDaniel, he likes Oklahoma, LSU and Florida as his favorites, but also has a bunch of schools like Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Virginia and Virginia Tech on his list.
"Damon will take longer," said Beatty. "He has more schools he wants to see and isn't as frustrated with the process as early. I think he'll go to the end."
McDaniel, a 6-foot-0, 192-pounder who is ranked as the No. 4 player in the state of Virginia, is in the process of setting up an official visit with Oklahoma.
"I talked to coach Wyatt about that the other day," said Beatty. "And we'll finalize that soon."
The dynamic duo took part in a 7-on-7 tournament this past weekend at Virginia and had a surprise teammate for the day.
"Vidal Hazelton was down there after visiting Maryland on Friday and asked if he could join in," said Beatty. "He's looking at his options for school next year and has been interested in Landstown. He seemed to get along well with Percy and Damon."
Harvin still might take an unofficial visit to Michigan this summer and McDaniel may make it down to LSU, but both trips are up in the air.
"These guys have been so busy," said Beatty. "With track and then 7-on-7 and now they're focused on next season and working towards that. I'm not sure if they'll get out again before the season."