La. DT has all visits set up

Kyle Williams is a four star, 6-3, 290 pound terror for the Ruston (Louisiana) Bearcats. Projected as the #24 defensive tackle prospect, this multi-year starter runs a 4.8 forty and boasts and incredible 640 pound squat. His incredible leg push is complimented by a 360-pound bench press with an agile 29-inch vertical for such a large man.
Currently 5-2, the Bearcats are 2-0 in district and with the 47-14 victory over Huntington last Friday have qualified for the playoffs. Ruston competes in Louisiana 5A classification. As a freshman, while Kyle was a blocking fullback and defensive end, the Bearcats went 11-3 and lost in the state championship game held at the Louisiana Super Dome.
As a sophomore, Williams played and made over 70 tackles and registered six or seven sacks. The Bearcats finished 11-2 and were ousted in the state semi-finals.
Although usually double and triple teamed throughout his junior campaign, Kyle registered 96 tackles, nine sacks and 12 tackles for loss. Williams played defensive end throughout the year but was moved to defensive tackle for the playoffs. "It was a bad year for us. We went 9-3 and lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs."
Nevertheless, Kyle garnered All-District, All-Northeast, All-Northwest and All-State honors. "We play sort of in the middle of the northern part of the state. So that's why I made both the All-Northeast and All-Northwest teams."
Who was Kyle's toughest opponent last year? "Andrew Whitworth from the West Monroe Rebels. He was a Parade All-American and was 6-8, 310 pounds. Usually I can just bull rush people but I had to really mix it up against him."
So, tell us your strengths. "Running to the ball and never quitting. Last weekend was the homecoming game and after the dance and everything, one of my friends said, 'I saw at least 3 times where you were double teamed or chopped blocked and someone would lay on you while the play was ran away from you but you got up, ran over and would still be in on the tackle.' "
Williams is racking up quite the scholarship resume. He has been extended an offer by every Southern Eastern Conference team and all the Big 12 teams except for Kansas State and Oklahoma. Tack on offers from Wisconsin and Michigan State to round out the list. So who is recruiting Kyle the hardest? "I don't know. They're all about the same."
His parents are fully supportive. Their opinion: "Whatever fits for me. I have to choose for myself what is best suited for me to become a man."
It has been previously reported that he was planning to graduate at early. "I was going to graduate at mid-term but as a friend told me, I only go to high school once. Next spring I am going to take one class and run track." Williams will throw the javelin, shot and discus. "Whichever school that I commit to, I am getting their strength and conditioning workout and focus on that between class and track with our strength coach. He is a graduate of Louisiana Tech and he will help me out a lot."
Kyle has pared down his list or prospective colleges to Louisiana State, Tennessee, Auburn, Florida and Nebraska. "I watched the Florida-Auburn game last night. I couldn't believe it. I was at the Florida game at LSU and it wasn't like anybody could play with them (Florida) that day."
So who is leading? "LSU and Tennessee, but that's because I've visited them both already and after I visit the others, I know that will all change."
Williams commented on his top five schools:
-"It is close to home, you know, where all my friends and family could see me play. After college, there are open opportunities in Louisiana but that will happen everywhere else too though. It is not the deciding factor, but it is more accessible for friends and family."
-"That stadium is something else. That stadium and the fans. The same that it is with Florida and Nebraska - they're winning and winning and winning - they have great programs."
-"I camped at Tennessee over the summer. It was OK."
-"That's just a place that I've seen on game day. I like the coach that is recruiting me. It's a good atmosphere on game day."
-"The coach from Auburn (impresses him the most). He and I talk a lot about football. He's the main reason that I'm visiting Auburn."
-"A good program, a top program year in and year out. They have a warm climate but I'd rather have it cold."
-"Coach Gill told me he went there from Texas to Nebraska and it couldn't have worked out better. He had all that in state pressure from the fans and from the schools."
So when will he make that important decision? "It might come to me one day when I wake up. Or, I may wait until signing day."
Visits Dates:
Tennessee - September 28th
Louisiana State - October 5th
Nebraska - October 19th
Auburn - November 16th
Florida - December 1st