Kyle Reed sets the record straight

Rumors were swirling yesterday that Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds quarterback Kyle Reed had committed to Cal. We spoke with McClymonds head coach Alonzo Carter about the rumors and he emphatically denied that a commitment had taken place. We also spoke with Reed himself who was just as firm in his denial.
"I have no idea where that came from but I haven't committed anywhere," Reed said. "Cal is my leader and that's all I've ever told anyone. I haven't committed to Cal nor am I close to making a commitment. My coach talked to me yesterday and asked me if I had committed because there were rumors that I had and we were both in shock by it.
"I know several colleges called and were asking me about it. There's just no truth to it and I've never said anything that could remotely come close to someone being confused with what I was saying. I haven't even discussed the idea of committing, that's the funny part. I want to take my official visits before I decide on any school just because I don't know what else is out there right now."
Now we had heard Reed was close to committing for some time so we continued to ask him if maybe he had told someone about his decision but asked them to keep it quiet and it leaked anyway.
"No way, like I said, I haven't even thought about committing so there's no way I would have told someone that when it's not something I'm even thinking about doing," Reed said. "Someone called me and said I was even quoted in a story but I've never said anything to anyone and the fact that someone is saying I committed is only going to hurt me because it's going to cause other schools to back off me. I don't know how I can be more clear about this- you can put a Bible under my hand right now and I would swear on it that I have not committed to Cal nor have I told anyone I was thinking about doing that.
"My plan is to take my visits to Cal, UCLA, Arizona and Oregon. Coach Carter and I agree that we're not about wasting anyone's time. If I knew where I wanted to go, I would commit and get it over with so these other schools could move on. We don't believe in silent commitments. It's not like I'm just holding out committing so I can take my trips for the fun of it. I really want to see what else is out there and don't plan on making my decision until I see some other schools."
Reed, 6-2, 195 pounds is one of the nation's elite signal callers and is currently our No. 2 rated quarterback in the West region.