KSU, OU make final cut for Kansas OL

Cherryvale, Kan. offensive lineman Matt Boss has completed his two camp swing and now is trying to make his school choice.
"I went to Oklahoma's two weeks ago and then to K-State's camp last week," the 6-foot-5, 298-pound Boss said. "It was pretty cool. It was just a regular camp though."
After returning home from Manhattan, Boss did narrow his list to a final two.
"It will be either K-State or Oklahoma," he said. "I'm just trying to pick between the two of them."
Both schools offer the No. 2 rated player in Kansas a lot of positives.
"Oklahoma has everything set up really nice down there. It's all real close together and it doesn't take much to get around. At K-State the coaches are nice and positive. They always have time for me and come by and say hi when I'm up there."
The decision will come sometime but Boss isn't putting any deadline on a decision.
"(K-State assistant coach)Joe Bob (Clements) told me to write down the positives and the negatives of both schools on a piece of paper to help me come up with which place I should go. He told me it would come to me then."
Boss will listen to his family while making the decision too.
"My family will have some input in the decision. But, it will be my choice too. They'll support whatever I do choose."