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Krehbiel not shocked by Snyders retirement

Three-star offensive tackle Scott Krehbiel first heard the news when he got home from basketball practice last Tuesday morning. That's when Krehbiel, the top player in the state of Kansas, heard that Kansas State coach Bill Snyder was going to retire later on that day. While the news was shocking to many Kansans, the 6-foot-7, 280-pounder said it wasn't as big of a surprise to him.
"I had talked about this type of thing with my parents a few times," Krehbiel of Pratt, Kan., said. "I knew coach Snyder was getting up there in age, so I knew there was a good chance he would not be there for all of the four or five years I would be there.
"It really doesn't change how I view Kansas State, because I had thought about it. Plus, I'm not going to pick a school based on coaches, but still it was a surprise to see it happen."
Krehbiel, the nation's No. 30 offensive tackle, said K-State recruiting coordinator Joe Bob Clements didn't waste any time contacting him and letting him know what the situation was with the Wildcats.
"He said coach just felt it was time for him to go," Krehbiel said. "He said he felt he was going the right thing for the team and the program. They still want me, no matter who the coach is. Coach Clements said this changes nothing with K-State, and that's how I feel too."
Krehbiel said he asked Clements if he should re-work his scheduled official visit for December 2, but the coach told him to keep it at this point as they could have a coach in place by then.
"I've heard some of the names from people talking," Krehbiel said. "The only one that I kind of know about is Brent Venables. I sort of remember him when he was at K-State, and I know he's down at Oklahoma now doing a good job. But that's really about all I know about him and the other names out there."
Krehbiel is still also looking hard at other teams like Arkansas, Colorado State and Tennessee. He's slated to visit Knoxville on January 13. The dates with CSU and Arkansas are still being worked out.
"I know that I'm taking trips there," he said. "I just don't know the dates. I've talked to the coaches and we've talked about some days and thrown those around, but nothing has been set in stone."
Krehbiel is now turning his attention from the gridiron to the hardwood. He opens his season up on December 2 with a home game against Wichita Collegiate. Krehbiel averaged around 13 points a game as a junior.