Krah is taking visits

Offer No. 1 came for cornerback Aaron Krah out of Durham (N.C.) Hillside over a month ago. The 5-foot-11, 179-pounder landed his second scholarship not too long ago and discussed the latest inside.
"Actually, a couple weeks ago I was at NC Central and they offered me along with Casey Perry."
That is Krah's second offer joining Minnesota.
Has he gone to any other camps recently?
"Almost every week I've been somewhere," he said. "I spent eight hours for a camp at Maryland and I think they are one school that is showing a lot of interest. I've been talking to them a lot and they want me to give them a call this week. Hopefully we'll talk about some stuff."
Krah is continuing to receive interest from the likes of North Carolina and Georgia Tech.
However, what's his status with Minnesota?
"I'm scheduled to go up there I believe it's either July 11th or 15th for a whole week," he said. "I'm going to stay with some family and they'll give me a ride to the school.
"I've checked their website out and they are changing a lot of stuff. I really want to go and see it for myself."
According to Krah, there are still other camps coming including North Carolina and Wake Forest.
A strong 3.8 GPA student, Krah maintains no favorites.
"Other than the two schools that have offered me, I can't really say," he said. "I'm going to wait this season, I've got a whole season ahead of me, I'm not worried about it too much."
Earning all-conference honors last season, Krah posted five interceptions on the year.