Kourtzidis visits Florida schools

Christo Kourtzidis went to Florida State for the weekend and since he was so close to Gainesville the Orange (Calif.) Lutheran tight end decided to double dip and visit with the Seminoles and Gators during the weekend.
The 6-foot-4, 230-pound prospect spent more time at Florida State but came home and said he was thoroughly impressed with both places and both programs will stay on his list moving forward.
"It was really good because I saw Florida State and then I drove to Gainesville for a couple hours," Kourtzidis said.

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"I really enjoyed Florida State. The campus is really nice and I really liked the coaches. Talking to them a little bit I really liked the coaching staff there. I can definitely see myself going out there.
"As far as Florida goes, I only saw a limited amount because I was only there for a couple hours but I was really impressed with what I saw in that time. I had some preliminary meetings with a couple coaches and they seem like cool guys as well."
Colorado, Florida, Florida State, Indiana, Nebraska, Washington and Washington State have already offered Kourtzidis, who said location won't play a major factor in his decision-making process. Both Florida programs remain in contention after his visits this weekend.
"The reality of it is no matter where I go whether it's two hours away or across the country I'm still going to get homesick," Kourtzidis said.
"The difference is the convenience of getting back for a weekend. Really what I'm trying to do is find the right coaching staff and the right situation to the point where I have the right people around me."
Kourtzidis is off the road for a while but will take another long-distance trip in mid-June when he visits Alabama.