Knight now down to two schools

Rashad Knight only has to wait another five days and a few hours. Then, sometime next Wednesday afternoon, he will finally make his college decision. Knight, from Jacksonville Trinity Christian High School in Florida, will decide between Michigan and Rutgers.
"Ann Arbor is college based town with a ton of people. There is lots of things to do and I really enjoyed the players on the team. They are real cool and made me feel like part of the team.
"Rutgers is just a real nice place. It's up to date. I love the dorms and facilities. The education is good. I mean it's just a great place. While I was there they took me to New York City. That was cool. I think I fit in well with their defense. They are losing two corners so that leaves some spots to compete for playing time."
Is Knight leaning one way or another?
"They are two nice schools and I really like both of them. I have to sit down with parents and weigh the pros and cons. My mom went with me to Rtugers and my dad went with me to Michigan. I just have to figure out what place I am more comfortable."
Knight, 5-10 and 181 pounds, is a three-star defensive back that can play either safety or cornerback at the next level.