Klepal surprised by early interest

Tampa (Fla.) Plant offensive tackle Richy Klepal has accumulated five early offers. The 6-foot-5, 270-pound offensive lineman has already landed verbal offers from Indiana, Iowa State, UCF, USF, and Vanderbilt. The first came from an in-state school at the conclusion of his junior season.
"UCF was my first offer," Klepal said. "It was really almost indescribable to get that first offer. … It was probably a week after the state championship game and I got word from one of our assistant coaches. It was before Christmas, so it was like an early Christmas present."
The next offer came soon after the one from the Knights.

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"A couple days later I sent a text to (Plant head coach Robert) Weiner and we got together for a little meeting and he told me congratulations on my second offer," Klepal said. "That one was from USF. Before getting that offer, I hadn't even had any contact with USF so I had absolutely no idea they were looking at me. That felt almost as good as the UCF offer because it was so unexpected. I was definitely really, really excited."
Out of all of his early offers, one comes from a school away from his current home, but in a place that he used to call home.
"A little side history, I am originally from Indiana, Bloomington, I lived up there until I was eight years old and I grew up going to the University of Indiana basketball games," Klepal said. "I am going up there to see their first day of spring practice. I think it is March 3rd. Then I am staying for the Indiana-Purdue game which is on Sunday."
Indiana won't be the only visit that the four-star offensive lineman takes.
"I am doing USF this weekend and then I am not sure after that, because I haven't gotten the date yet for UCF's, but I plan to go there for one," Klepal said.
Duke and Miami are also showing interest according to Klepal. Both of those schools have invited him to Junior Day events. He has previously visited Miami, camping in Coral Gables, Fla. this past summer.
"I worked against the seniors and with Coach (Art) Kehoe, so he got to see me the whole time," Klepal said. "He told me what I did well and he said that they will be very interested in me."
Klepal is holding out hope that Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes offer in the near future. He believes an offer from the ACC program would help his recruitment truly take off.
"That offer would be big for me," Klepal said. "I think it would open up a lot of ACC and SEC schools to looking at me and that is what I want."
At this point in the process, Klepal claims no early leader.
"I wouldn't say that there is one school that is really standing out to me more than anybody," Klepal said. "I haven't really found everything out and looked at everybody. I am just starting to find out what some schools offer and I have to learn more. I need to really get out there and visit schools and see what is the best fit for me."