Kings Jr. adding offers

Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) University School MacGarrett Kings Jr. says the offers have come in at a good rate leading up to the spring.
"Wake, Wisconsin, Louisville, Buffalo, UCF, USF, Rutgers," Kings Jr. said of offers. "When spring comes most likely I will be offered by LSU, Ohio State, and Miami."
The 5-foot-11, 180-pound wideout said that location could play a factor in his decision.

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"I want to try to stay home," Kings Jr. said. "If I can go to a program out-of-state where I can contribute and play, then I have to do what I need to do."
So far, he has taken four visits, all to in-state schools.
"I went to UCF, USF, FSU, and Florida Junior Days," Kings Jr. said.
He talked about his trips to UCF and USF, two schools that have extended offers.
"UCF was a great environment," Kings Jr. said. "Coaches really seem to care about their players and I like the way they are bringing up the program. There was a lot of love in that atmosphere. I loved it. So they are definitely in the picture."
"When I went to USF it was good," Kings Jr. added. "I liked the campus a lot. It is a good environment."
In regards to all of the visits, he has enjoyed them but not gone in-depth on attempting to break down the pros and cons of each school.
"I have loved every school that I have visited so far," King Jr. said. "I haven't really sat down and broken them all down yet though. I want to look at my position, how many people they are signing for my spot. I want to look at them piece-by-piece. I have to talk to my mom about what she thinks, with my dad about what she thinks, and then I can go from there. I have to sit down and talk with the coaches and get to know them more as a person on and off the field. That is how I will make my decision."
At this point in his recruitment, Kings Jr. says that a Big Ten school is showing the most interest.
"I think Wisconsin is on me the most right now because of Coach Charlie Partridge," King Jr. said. "He just sends a lot of love. He talks about the atmosphere up there. Coach Charlie is always telling me about staying focused and not worrying about the college process right now."
It doesn't hurt that the Badgers locked up one of his teammates during the 2011 recruiting cycle.
"Also, one of our defensive backs - Devin Gaulden - is a Wisconsin commitment (signee) and he is always telling me about it," Kings Jr. said. "He is always trying to get me up there with him."
With regards to a final decision, Kings Jr. is in no rush.
"I will probably wait it out and give my decision later on," Kings Jr. said. "I just want to make sure I make the right decision. When I commit, I don't want to change my mind. I want to be a man of my word and stick to that school. So I am going to take everything slowly and me, my mom, and my dad are going to talk everything out."
Kings Jr. mentioned plans to attend Ohio State and LSU for camps this summer. Kings Jr. said he will attend the LSU camp along with his close friend and fellow wide receiver, Avery Johnson, from Pompano Beach (Fla.) Blanche Ely. Johnson is already a pledge to the Tigers.
As a junior, King had 56 receptions for 742 yards and seven touchdowns. He also had 105 rushes for 515 yards and an additional 16 touchdowns.