Kincade hopes to narrow list soon

Since backing out of his verbal pledge to Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls (Pa.) Blackhawk quarterback Chandler Kincade has been doing a lot of thinking.
The 6-foot-4, 215-pound Keystone State quarterback believed he was doing something that would benefit both himself and the Panthers when he announced he was opening his recruitment back up.
Now he is on the lookout for another school.

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Duke, Connecticut, Purdue, Ohio, Old Dominion and Bowling Green have sent assistant coaches by Blackhawk to see Kincade this spring.
"I haven't made any plans yet," Kincade said. "After this evaluation period I'll figure out three schools I'm really interested in and then visit them. I may camp and talk to some quarterback coaches and then go from there."
Are any schools especially intriguing to him?
"A lot of schools are really showing a lot of interest since I opened it back up and I'm just trying to build relationships," he said. "Some of the schools I've talked to a lot are Temple, Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisville. I've got some interest in those schools."