Kimble wants to see them all

Tahj Kimble is a three-star running back prospect from Fernandina Beach, Florida. He's off to a nice start, rushing for over 200 yards and two scores in two games so far. Fernandina Beach High School is 1-1 on this young season.
"Actually, we haven't been playing as good as we should have and we have had some bad practices," Kimble said. "But we beat Bradford County last week 12-7. We have a young offensive line that just needs to gain experience. They are getting used to speed of the varsity game. They will do well. We just have to work harder in practice."
Kimble, 5-11 and 198 pounds, has scholarship offers from Boston College, Buffalo, Indiana, Iowa State, Middle Tennessee State, Purdue and Tulane. He hopes to see all of these schools before he makes his decision.
"I have a bye week in (mid) October and BC, Purdue, and Iowa State are all trying to get me to come up. Actually, all the schools that have offered me want me to come visit them this fall and my plan is to try and see them all. I want to get to as many as I can and get a taste for each school. I want to get a feel for their academics and get a feel for what they are all about. This is where I will spend the next four years and I have to make sure.
"I have no favorite and everyone is running the same."