Keystone DB talks Pitt, Rutgers

Rasaan Stewart is one of Pennsylvania's top defensive backs and so far he has visited three schools.
Stewart has taken trips to Pitt, Temple and Rutgers, and while some of those trips were a while ago they are still fresh in his mind. Those schools are not necessarily his favorites, but he does know those schools in a deeper way than he knows others, simply because he has stepped foot on campus.
"I liked Pitt a lot. Their campus is really nice. When I went up there they gave me a tour and I watched spring practice so I got to see how they run things. Their football facilities, I really liked those. But I've got to go back and see it again with my family. I think Pitt is definitely a school that's up there," he said.
Is that a hint that the Panthers could be at the top of his list?
"They're up there," he said. "Right now I'm not really trying to narrow it down to one school. I'm just focused on trying to make myself better for my season. When it all boils down to it [Pitt] will definitely be one of the top ones."
Just don't rule out Rutgers, yet.
"When I went to Rutgers I didn't get to even go to the actual campus. I just went to the stadium, but I like Rutgers too. I think that the coaching staff is really nice. I talk to coach Wilson and he's a real nice guy. He's the D-Backs coach and the coach that would be coaching me. Me and him have a good relationship."
His most recent trip was to Temple and Stewart said he "really liked that too."
"They're showing a lot of love," he added. "It's a closer school so the coaches come see me more."
Stewart had 1,600 passing yards and 1,400 rushing yards to his credit last year.