Kentucky lands speedy athlete commit

A lot of different factors can play into the college decision for high school football prospects. On Thursday, Griffin, Ga. wide receiver Nile Daniel made his verbal commitment to the Kentucky Wildcats and one of those factors happened to be a grandmother's vision.
"Yes sir, I just committed to Kentucky," Daniel said Thursday evening. "I had broke it down between Alabama, Maryland or Kentucky so I sat and talked about it with me, my coach and my dad about what is best for me."
Whether directly or indirectly, Daniel's grandmother may have had a small role in his decision.

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"My grandmother had already prayed about it and she said she saw me playing for a blue team," he said. "That's all she's been saying all week. She started talking about blue teams and asking me who was a blue team because she doesn't know anything about college football. You know how grandmothers are. Kentucky was one of the teams that I had so I thought that could be it."
Despite the premonition of his grandmother, Nile had plenty of other reasons to be excited about playing in Lexington. Though he hasn't visited the campus since his freshman year, Daniel is excited about what opportunities the program presents.
"I like them because Kentucky is decent but they aren't all that and I think I can be a big help in offense," he said. "The coach told me what I could do so I was like that could be it. Coach said I could be a big help in that offense and they could use me a lot of ways with my speed like getting me the ball on a little jet sweep."
Daniel is certainly equipped with speed. The sub 4.4 prospect can be a deep threat on the outside or a big play guy on the inside. However, he also has the ability to play defense.
"I play both sides of the ball and do kick returns and punt returns," he said. "They have me down as an athlete so I might play defense too. I really would prefer offense but it really doesn't matter. Kentucky said the way my speed is, I could play anything."
Thrilled with his decision, Daniel is anxious to start his college career.
"Words can't explain how I feel. I'm just so excited. I'm just waiting for this school year to end now so that I can go down there."
Asked if he will continue to look around and take other visits, Daniel's answer was simple.
"I think my journey's ended."