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Kentucky is first offer for Alabama WR

Growing up in the heart of SEC country, Madison (Ala.) Bob Jones wide receiver Collins Moore has a clear bias as to which conference is his favorite. Fortunately, when Moore's first scholarship offer came in on Monday afternoon, that offer came from the SEC. On Monday, the Kentucky Wildcats became the first school to hand out an offer to Moore.
"It came maybe a little after 12 this afternoon," Moore said on Monday evening. "I talked to a coach and he told me that they were going to mail it to me. I talked to Tee Martin. I was happy that I finally got one and I think that Kentucky is a great school and they have a lot to offer me."
Tee Martin is a new addition to the Wildcat coaching staff as the wide receivers coach and Moore liked what he had to say.
"It went very well," he said of the conversation. "He just informed me on a couple of things that were going on. I had called them once or twice over spring break but I hadn't talked to them at all beyond that. I've never been to the campus but I was able to watch them play at Auburn against Auburn, so I've seen them play."
Moore grew up a fan of Alabama and has already attended junior days at Auburn and Alabama back in January. Since then, he's not been able to hit up any other campuses due to track obligations. At his first opportunity though, he plans to get to Lexington.
"I get days off from everything on April 10 so I'm going to try to see what they have then and make my way up there," he said.
Despite his leanings towards Alabama as a kid, Moore insists that that will not cloud his judgment when it comes to a college decision. His SEC leanings certainly might.
"I grew up a Bama fan but I'm not going to let that influence where I go," he said. "I kind of want to stay in the SEC. I'm getting a lot of interest from Illinois and UCLA but I really would like to stay in the SEC.
Along with Illinois, UCLA and Kentucky, Moore is getting interest from both in-state programs as well as Vanderbilt. The interest is no surprise after Moore put up 50 receptions for 1,057 yards, 12 touchdowns, four punt return touchdowns and four more interceptions on defense. Though he plays every snap on both sides of the ball, colleges still see his future at wideout.
"I know my hands are one of my strong points and running track also helps my speed," he said. "I think colleges are able to see my speed and my hands and my strength on the field."
In track, Moore is a standout in the 110 meter hurdles, the 300 meter hurdles and the 4x400 meter relay.