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Kentucky DE popular with recruiters

Somerset, Ky. - If you're on a quest to find one of the best defensive ends in America, Somerset, Kentucky is probably not the first place you would look, but this recruiting season it is becoming a must stop destination for college coaches across the eastern United States. Josh Minton already has over eight offers and you can expect that list to grow larger during the May evaluation period.
"Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, Purdue, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, LSU, Oklahoma, Florida, Clemson, Ole Miss and Michigan State have all offered already," Minton said.
The 6-foot-4, 245-pound Minton attended the NIKE camp in Blacksburg where he ran in the 4.8 second range in the 40-yard dash. It's his speed off the ball, however, that makes him such a special player.
"I think my strengths are my quick feet and my use of hands," Minton said. "I can come off of the edge and make plays. I believe in attacking the offense and making them work for every thing that they get."
While the list of college options is already long for Minton and continues to grow, one team my have the slight edge at this point.
"Virginia Tech is a great school academically and their football program is awesome," Minton said. "I consider their defensive line to be one of the top three in the nation. They were the first to offer and I got to know their coaches and how personable they are. Right now they are on top, but I would not say it is a dominant lead."
Minton, who has a 315-pound bench press and 405-pound squat, is also considering several other schools.
"Alabama is a good defensive line school," Minton said. "I watched them play Kentucky several times and beat them up pretty good in the trenches. LSU just won the national championship last year so you can't look past them. I was honored when Oklahoma offered me and my defensive line coach is a big fan so I am looking at them.
"Auburn is definitely a great school," Minton said. "I really like the way coach Tuberville came from nearly getting fired to turning the program around. I think that shows a lot of teamwork and effort and that is definitely what I am looking for in a school."
The Pulaski Southwestern High standout, who has started for two years on the varsity team, posted his best season numbers as a junior when he collected 87 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, and 13 sacks.
"I plan on going to a lot of one day camps this summer, but I haven't decided which specific ones that I am going to go to yet or anything," Minton said. "I'm not sure when I will make a decision, but I won't make it until I am definitely sure about it. I will sit down and see what is right for me and my family at some point and go from there."