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Kent is back on the recruiting market

Prince Kent is a versatile prospect that signed with the University of Miami. But Kent is now at Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Virginia instead of Coral Gables. How's the adjustment been for this defensive back prospect?
"It's been a great experience so far," Kent said. "There is nothing like it. It's been great to be with the players and become a family. We have bonded already."
Kent, 6-3 and 190 pounds, will man one of the cornerback positions for Hargrave. Although he could play safety this is the one position he wants to play more than anything.
"I will be playing cornerback. That's it. I have a passion for corner. There has been no problem with the acclimation. I have hips and strength. It's not a problem and there is lots of competition.
"I am not going to say safety is out of the picture but I have a passion for cornerback and that's what I want to be.
"I have a long reach, I am physical and can run with the receivers whether big or small."
Now the question is what college team will sign Kent for his services. Will it be Miami once again?
"Miami said they are not recruiting him anymore," Hargrave head coach Robert Prunty said. "He opened things back up. He had to do that. I am not giving up on Prince Kent. He's a good player. He's long. He and Fred Bennett (Houston Texans), who I had here, are identical. Look at the bodies, sizes and how they move around."
So who stands out for Kent right now?
"My focus is on Hargrave and the football team. I plan on getting out in December and I am not worried about that right now. It will handle itself. Right now it's about Hargrave and getting done what I need to get done."