Kenny grabs in-state offer

The Indianapolis area is loaded with talent in the class of 2013, and in-state schools like Purdue are looking to capitalize on the talent in their own backyard. On Wednesday they received a visit from Carmel linebacker John Kenny, and had some news for the three-star prospect.
"I went out there today and got offered by them," Kenny reported. "They have wanted me to come up for a couple weeks. They said they like to offer in-person, so I went up there and once I first met Coach [Danny] Hope he offered right then before practice started."
Although they are an in-state school, Kenny came into the process with just the basic knowledge of the program. His recent recruitment by the Boilermakers has helped him to become more familiar with their staff and what the school offers.

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"It looks like they have a pretty cool campus and their academics are pretty strong," Kenny said. "All the coaches were really nice and I think they are excited about me. They don't have that much depth at linebacker as of now, so that's cool to know I could maybe go in there and play early. I'm excited to keep talking to them and see how things go."
Kenny's visit on Wednesday gave the 6-2, 210-pound prospect a chance to see the Boilermakers in action during a spring practice.
"I liked the way they ran practice," Kenny said. "They were competing hard and they have a 'Steak-n-Bean' scrimmage on Friday, so that will be fun for them. Today there was a lot of contact, and it was fun to watch."
Prior to the Purdue offer, Kenny had picked up offers from the likes of Arizona, Boise State, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Western Kentucky. He continues to hear from additional schools, and will see one SEC program twice in an eight-day span.
"I am going to Florida this Saturday for a practice and then next Saturday for their spring game on April 7," Kenny said. "Coach [Brian] White said they were interested in me. I called him and he invited me to all their stuff. We are going down for spring break there, so it was just handy that we could visit twice."
Kenny will follow up his visits to Florida with a trip to Iowa for their spring game on April 14 and is also considering a visit to Arizona on April 21.