Kelly breaks UCLA commitment

According to Jermaine Kelly, it wasn't anger or acceptance. It wasn't disappointment or disbelief. The reaction of the UCLA coaching staff was somewhere in between all of that. He made two phone calls when he decided to break his commitment to the Bruins on Monday night, and each was met in the same manner.
First, he contacted assistant Demetrice Martin. After that, he called the guy who occupies the big office. Jim Mora took his phone call at 11:45 p.m. Monday.
"They were all shocked a little bit," Kelly said early Tuesday morning. "They were shocked, but Coach Mora said he's not going to stop recruiting me."

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In turn, Kelly says he's not going to eliminate Mora. The four-star cornerback will consider the Bruins but says they shouldn't be the favorite to land his signature when the time to make things official arrives. That title belongs to nobody. Not yet, anyway.
"UCLA still has hope," Kelly said, "But, right now, I'm just wanting to open up all my options. I'm just trying to find the best fit for me at the moment. "
As for other schools that will get looks, it's too early to tell much. Before Kelly made his pledge to UCLA, Boise State was being considered. So were Arizona and Arizona State. All will likely return to the race and be joined by whichever new schools decide to come knocking.
Problem is, Kelly has no idea which coaches' numbers will show up on his caller ID. He doesn't even know which programs have maintained interest in him since he became a UCLA commit. The system at his high school was built to ensure that.
"Coaches were still recruiting me while I was committed, yeah. But my coach wouldn't ever tell me which schools or when they called because he knew how solid I was to UCLA," Kelly said. "I guess he's going to tell me at school today."
Such has become the theme. Noncommittal responses and shoulder shrugs are all Kelly has for now. It's too early to make any proclamations, and there's too little information to discuss possible visits.
"I had Boise State, Washington, Arizona State and Arizona before I committed, but I don't know who else," Kelly said. "I had a few schools. I really haven't even started hearing anything. I de-committed so late last night that nobody contacted me. "
"I guess I'll start hearing from schools today."
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