Kearns wowed by Texas

Kyle Kearns went to Texas and he loved it.
The 2015 quarterback from Pleasanton (Calif.) Foothill did not receive an offer from the Longhorns because the coaching staff wants to see others this summer but Kearns said he had a fantastic time in Austin and Texas will be seriously considered in his recruitment.
"It's incredible," Kearns said. "I love it. I could see myself living here for the next four years. It's a big transition from California but a transition I like and I got a tour of the facilities (Saturday) from coach (Major) Applewhite and it's awesome. I can't even put into words how nice it is."

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Kearns tried and painted a picture of something he never saw before. Texas has pretty much everything the Northern California quarterback is looking for and it was definitely an impressive trip.
"The football team has its own tutoring center and it has a separate tutor for each position," Kearns said. "They have their own weight room, just their own facility for themselves.
"At Cal-Berkeley, that's the only other one I saw and they said it was the latest and greatest and the weight room was shared. Everything at the athletic center is shared with all the sports. At Texas, it's football-specific.
"Their walls are plastered with trophies and national championships and guys who went on to play in the NFL. There is just a lot of tradition behind the school and the fan base is incredible. I love it."
The message from the Texas coaches was patience. They would like to see all the 2015 quarterbacks at their camps this summer and then worry about offers later on.
For Kearns, who threw for about 2,500 yards with 26 touchdowns in his sophomore season, he understands that position.
"I sat down afterward with coach Applewhite and I talked to coach (Mack) Brown after the camp and they were saying they'll wait until they've given all the other kids a chance," Kearns said.
"That was the first camp for them. We have to wait for all the other quarterbacks to come through and they want a chance to see them. They said to be fair we'll let them all come."
Kearns is still planning a busy camp schedule. He will definitely work out at Georgia and Vanderbilt in the coming weeks. Clemson has shown new interest and it's possible he can also go there and Kearns has reached out to Alabama as well. A possible stop in Tuscaloosa is not out of the question, either.