Katrina victum finds home

When Hurricane Katrina hit with dashed the hopes of a normal football season in New Orleans. For many young athletes from the Crescent City they had to find another place to play. Luckily one of the Big Easy's best underclassman found a place to play.
Offensive lineman/defensive lineman Darrian Weems (6-7, 270, 5.2) was the young man playing his high school football in New Orleans who found a new home and place to play football in Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft.
According to Taft offensive coordinator Derwin Henderson, Taft coach Troy Starr thinks that Weems could end up being the lineman he has ever coached at Taft.
"Darrian is very limber and nimble for a big man," Henderson said. "He has tremendous feet."
"Darrian is an overpowering run blocker," Henderson said. "We just line up and run behind him."
"He's so good we can run behind him five straight times and the opposition can't stop us," Henderson said. "He just lines up and mows people down."
"You have to love Darrian," Henderson said. "He such a great kid."
"He's a very shy kid," Henderson said. "He never complains, he just gets the job done."
"Darrian isn't even close to tapping his potential," Henderson said. "Once he learns to play at a lower pad level he's going to be unstoppable."
"Darrian is naturally strong," Henderson said. "He's already the strongest guy on the team."
Weems has the potential to be a starter on either side of the ball in very few opportunities this young man leads Taft in sacks.
According to Henderson Weems told him that LSU and Tulane were already recruiting him. Now that Universities will be able to track Weems look for him to be one of the West Coast's top recruits for the class of 2007.
"Darrian is going to be one of those national recruits," Henderson said. "He's going to be one of those guys who will name his school."
Another thing to like about Weems is he's a good student and should be a predictor.