Katoa makes things official

SAN ANTONIO - It's been a wild year in college football, one for the ages in fact. The recruiting class of 2008 has done a lot to show that things will continue that way with numerous acts of juggling any number of schools. One of the most interesting to watch has been Salt Lake City (Utah) Cottonwood senior four-star linebacker Lynn Katoa.
It seems now though the 6-foot-2, 220-pound Utah product has finally made his commitment to Colorado a firm one.
"I had verbally committed to Colorado then I told them I wanted to think about things and it was just Oklahoma and Colorado. Now though I've committed to Colorado, it's where I'm going to go," Katoa said. "It was just coach Brian Cabral and Dan Hawkins, also I just want to be part of something that is growing and isn't already there."
Now though Katoa can just focus on his upcoming performance in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.
"It feels good to be here, it's an honor. It's more than what I expected it to be," he said. "I was looking at some guys and there are some big dudes but we're all athletes and that's why were are here, to compete and have a good time."
Of course Utah isn't a normal home to many of the nation's elite players, this year there are three prospects hailing from 'The Beehive State' and the ringleader of the bunch says that his contemporaries and himself have to work harder.
"We just have to work even harder to get our name out there, represent our state and ourselves as athletes," he said.
Now that Katoa knows where he is headed, he has his eyes on another Colorado target though Katoa won't be pestering him about his future.
"I just want to have a real good game, oh I want to see Darrell Scott but just to see him and play against him," he said. "I'm not going to bug him, I'm going to let him do his own thing."